Rugs International



Rugs International is a local rug-making company that caters to individuals and businesses that like a more personal touch to their rugs. The company specializes in custom design rugs that are beautiful, fast to produce, won't cost you an arm and a leg. They've been in the business for a very long time, and their identity and website needed a refresh. At the same time, I was also working on an app that would allow their sales team to create custom design rugs right in front of their clients. 


One thing I wanted to incorporate into the logo was a flexible way to showcase their rug collections should the opportunity arise. As design is such an integral part of their company, I wanted their logo to be more than just a brandmark, but also something useable. The dot (.) in Rugs Int. is not only a stylized view of a close-up rug, but it can also be used as a way to show the color scheme of a rug or a rug collection.



Their website was outdated and needed a new look that would complement their new identity. After evaluating their content, a multi-page website isn't something that was necessary and would only add complexity to the user experience. A one-pager website that quickly and visually shows their core businesses and important documents was the direction we landed on. The site is also responsive to work on all devices.

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The name is still tentative at the moment. After working on their identity and website, I was presented with an opportunity to created a web app for their sales team. The app would allow Rugs Int. representatives to quickly design a rug for their clients or make edits to one already made. I designed both the front-end for the user and the backend for the administrator. 


Designing for the user requires me to understand the breakdown of steps to make the design process intuitive and easy to do. After logging in, the user simply needs to pick a collection to get started, see the available rug designs for said collection, and begin making edits. The user is also able to save their creations to their Closet and can access them as needed.



Designing for the administrator was a bit more complicated despite the fairly simple front-end. The admin not only needs an equally easy way to upload a rug design but to also design a default look for each rug. Afterward, the admin must add the rug design to a collection. The management of the rug collections, the users, and the color schemes used for each rug collection are all things I incorporated into the backend.