OmegaFi App



OmegaFi is a local company in Columbus, GA that focuses on helping Greek chapters across the US to collect dues from their members via an online portal. While I was with Macquarium, we were asked to create an app to facilitate this dues payment process. However, we took it a whole step further by not only making the app a tool to make payment, but also a destination point for members, alumni, and even parents to catch up on what their chapter is doing and get involved. 


The Users

The complexity of the app doesn't come from the payment process but from the users. The client came into the project with only the student and alumni in mind, but as we researched it was clear the parents and alumni parents are also heavily involved with the payment process and the chapter themselves. Siblings were also not taken into account. As the user groups were assembled, the rest of the app also came together.


Instead of just a payment app, we created a destination for chapter members to use as a way to keep everyone informed as well as contact one another. Each group now has a window into their chapter.

At the end of the day, the best way for people to notice their payment due date is if they see the bill. By making the app a point of interest, not only does the chapter gets its dues but also create a tighter knit community.