ConExpo 2017


Getting the crowd going with a teaser site.

ConExpo is a trade show that happens every 3 years for the construction market in Las Vegas. This international show has an audience of 100K plus visitors every time it opens. To get everyone excited about what Leica Geosystems is bringing to the show, I created a teaser site to build some anticipation and provide some info on their core businesses.

Alex Kurth - Creative Director
Jay Yalung - Copywriter

Leica Geosystems

Visual Designer



The official website launches a week before the show and provides information on all the business segments and products that will be at the show. The site’s visual design is built on a wedge shape seen on conveyor belt or from heavy machinery like excavator and dozer. 


Drawing people to the booth with a giant giveaway.

While educating the customers on your product is important, another main goal at any tradeshow is to drive foot traffic to the booth. My team came up with a product giveaway that requires customers to try out the machine control simulators that’ll be on the booth in order to enter the drawing. The more tries, the more entries to win one of the prizes. 

Leica Geosystems BoothLeica Geosystems Booth


The show was great success for Leica Geosystems. The giveaway drove traffic to the booth as well as provided the sales team with a stream of prospective buyers. The machine control simulators used as part of the giveaway contest had to be rebooted multiple times during the show due to the strain! The responsive website provided customers with a quick and easy way to learn more about any products on the show floor. The show ended on a high note with the sales team making above their estimate.

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