ConExpo 2014


ConExpo is a convention for the construction market that only opens every 3 years. When the time came, Leica Geosystems not only wanted to take part but to also stood out from the crowd. While they are well known in the surveying market, it was another story for construction. As part of the in-house marketing team, we set out to make the show a fun and memorable experience for the convention goers and our team. The main concept for the show was: Dare to be Different. We were quite the new kid on the block, but we dared our future customers to take a little risk and get to know us.


To promote the show, we had 3 phases (pre-show, show, and post-show). A microsite was set up to relay our message and acted as a hub for our mancave giveaway. At the show, flyers were given out to promote the contest which required participants to come to our booth. And after the show, the site became an informational site for new products that were launched at ConExpo. Case studies were also later added to showcase how customers are using our products to better their productivity and enchance their business. As for results? Foot traffic to our booth was more than we've ever had, and sales exceeded expectation.


Alex Kurth - Creative Director

Leica Geosystems

Visual Designer



The microsite's main purpose was to create buzz about a new product we'll be launching at the show. It also promotes a mancave giveaway contest that'll help draw some foot traffic to our booth. Finally, the site acts as a way to setup demos meetings directly with our sales team members.





What better way to promote a Man-Cave Giveaway than to have a caveman promote it himself? We hired an actor to walk around the convention center in a full caveman costume. While we got everyone's attention, his accompanying lady friend hands out a flyer to promote the contest. Everyone is also welcomed to take a selfie with the caveman. In addition, we also hired a dance team that randomly shows up at a different location throughout the conference in flash mob style. The same strategy applies. While we got everyone's attention, the Man-Cave Giveaway was promoted at the end of the routine. 


The site lives on at the end of the show firstly as a place to announce the winners of the Man-Cave Giveaway. Secondly, it became a hub for case studies that show how the same products people saw at the show has helped companies do their job easier, faster, and be more profitable.

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