November 10, 2017No Comments

When Your Mockups Rock

My company recently or should I say finally redesigned their website. They've been around for 200+ years with roots in Switzerland. Unfortunately, they've been too busy making killer surveying and measuring products and disregard their website. But again...unfortunately the redesigned website...still doesn't look all that great (the redesign effort was done by an outside agency). I worked with my Creative Director recently to present OUR vision of the website.

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October 22, 2017No Comments


Nope, Adam isn't anyone I know. Well...I do know one guy named Adam but this isn't about him. It's the name of a short movie that I came across recently thanks to an article on The Verge. It was released last year at the Game Developers Conference from Oats Studio. The movie tells a brief but amazingly beautiful scene of someone waking up to a completely new surrounding and experience.

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October 8, 2017No Comments

Online Shopping Ordeal

I recently experienced one of the worst online shopping experience ever and thought it would be beneficial to share it with everyone. Firstly, I love online shopping. I hate going to the stores, walking around for hours looking for things, getting help when I don't need help or not getting any help at all when I do. I can browse at my own pace online, look at things from different angles, get all the info I need (if the site is decent enough to have good product descriptions).

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September 16, 2017No Comments

The Future is Here?

Every Apple fan's had their moment of happiness this week at Apple's Special Event on Tuesday. Like most designers, I am a fan of Apple products and company as a whole. Not because I feel inclined to in any way, but because I truly like all the attention they put into their products. Before Apple made their remarkable comeback, electronic devices feel like a tool that you just need to get if you need it.

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July 4, 2017No Comments

Impromptu Photoshop Challenge

Something pretty cool happened to me over the weekend. If anyone doesn't know, I'm a huge fan of this animated show called Gravity Falls by Alex Hirsch for the Disney Channel. The show is a mixture of mystery, sci-fi, comedy, and everything else a good show should have. While the show has ended, I'm stalking keeping up with Alex to see what he's doing next.

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